My Daily Wear: 8.19.16

Happy Friday!! The weekend is finally upon us, and I hope you all get a chance to relax and recharge.

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. I was definitely taking full advantage of Casual Fridays. 🙂

Some things to know about me, if you didn’t already:

  • I draw A LOT of inspiration from fellow bloggers (moreso the women than the men; they tend to be more willing to try new things, and have more variety).

  • I have dreams of being a personal stylist. I would LOVE to dress people for events, or interviews, or even offer advice when going shopping.

I have one personal stylist whom I absolutely ADORE, and call her my unofficial “mentor” (she’s not really my mentor, but that would be AWESOME if she was!). She’s always dressed to perfection, and she inspires me not only in what I wear, but also fuels my passion to be a stylist. Her name is Dawn Del Russo (find her on Twitter here and on Instagram here).

Anyway, she had snapped a picture of the way a guy was wearing his jeans (rolled up a few inches at the cuff) while she was on vacation. I really liked how it looked, but wasn’t sure whether it would work on me or not. I decided to try it anyway. I really like how it turned out. It gives the whole look an even more casual feel, like I’m ready to hit the beach, with margarita in hand.

Have a great weekend!

20160819_085816 1

20160819_085523(0) 1

20160819_085650 1

20160819_085754 1

20160819_085815 1

20160819_085444 1



I am wearing:
Fossil sunglasses and watch
IZOD shirt
Old Navy jeans
Converse sneakers

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