My Daily Wear: 8.25.16

Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Here’s what I wore to work today. I was feeling a touch purple-y today, if you couldn’t tell. 🙂

The weather is creeping up in temperature and humidity again. If tomorrow’s weather is like what it was today, I’m DEFINITELY going to be wearing some shorts. It’s always the humidity that makes it so disgusting outside, moreso than the temperature.

I was very plesantly surprised and thrilled to know that so many of you really liked my action pose where I’m appearing to float (signature pose, perhaps?). My modeling game is definiely always a work in progress, and I’m inspired by so many of my fellow bloggers out there.


20160825_090938 1

20160825_090527 1

20160825_090613 1

20160825_090628(0) 1

20160825_090907 1 (2)

20160825_090952 1



I am wearing:
Fossil sunglasses
Michael Kors shirt
Timex watch
Old Navy jeans
Nike sneakers

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