My Daily Wear: 10.11.16

Happy Tuesday!! I don’t know about you, but this week seems to be off to a fairly slow start, for some reason. Hopefully things will pick up from here on out!

Anyway, here’s a look at what I wore to work today. This look was the one I had wanted to do the other day, when the weather wasn’t cooperating with me (Friday I think it was, and had completely forgotten about it yesterday, haha). I had seen someone in public with a look similar to this, and I totally loved it. I had all of the pieces to re-create it in my own way. It’s SUPER simple, and super stylish.

Apologies for my eyes being closed in some (or maybe most, haha) of these pictures. The sun is quite bright, and most of the time, my sunglasses are dark enough that you can’t SEE me keeping my eyes closed. Haha.


20161011_091636 1

20161011_091449 1

20161011_091515 1

20161011_091546 1

20161011_091646 1

20161011_091703 1



I am wearing:
Armani Exchange sunglasses
Halston suede blazer
Calvin Klein Jeans shirt
Timex watch
Old Navy jeans
Calvin Klein loafers

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