My Daily Wear: 10.26.16

Happy Wednesday!! Wait, it IS Wednesday, right?

checks calendar

Okay, good. It IS Wednesday. This week has been running rather slowly, so I had to make sure what day it was. There’s nothing like those days where you are really busy, and yet time STILL manage to crawl, am I right?


Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. Nothing fancy, just super casual. The sneaks are the focus of the look, so everything else is subtle.

I was goofing around a little bit with my action poses today, and I was surprised that this one ended up looking much better than I thought it was going to. Guess it pays to experiment sometimes!


20161026_091812 1

20161026_091616 1

20161026_091652 1

20161026_091719(0) 1

20161026_091754(1) 1

20161026_091906 1



I am wearing:
Armani Exchange sunglasses
Express sweater
Calvin Klein shirt
Geneva watch
Old Navy jeans
Puma sneakers

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