My Daily Wear: 11.3.16

Happy Thursday! Time for another new Project Runway tonight! I just KNOW you all are as excited as I am. Haha.

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. For those who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me post these jeans a few days ago, mentioning how I wish I could wear them to work, but didn’t really seem too appropriate. Well today, being that it was once again rather summery out, I decided to be a rebel, and wear them anyway. My coworkers rather liked my “rock star” look, as they called it.

I’ll take it.


20161103_092018 1

20161103_091314 1

20161103_091401 1

20161103_091429 1

20161103_091549 1

20161103_092341 1



I am wearing:
KW sunglasses from Nordstrom
Arizona Jeans t-shirt
Walmart necklace
JORD wood watch
H&M bracelet
Old Navy jeans
Marc Anthony loafers from Kohls

6 thoughts on “My Daily Wear: 11.3.16

  1. I second what Stop Drop And Vogue said!!

    p/s I was SO happy Tim used his save, I’m not particularly fond of Cornelius but he did not deserve to go that way 🙂

    pp/s My weekly Project Sister Act Link-Up is now live on the blog, and I’d love for you to come by and join in xoxo

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