My Daily Wear: 11.8.16

Hello, and happy Tuesday to one and all. Unless you’ve been a hermit or hiding under a rock for the past few months, you probably know that it is Election Day here in the U.S. I’ll be glad once it all over and done with, that’s for sure!

So, here’s what I wore to work today. Today’s look is still a testament to my chickening out once again at trying a new look that I read about. Well, it’s more of a HALF chicken out. The look I read about was wearing a suit more casually. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure why I keep chickening out. Maybe because it’s wearing an entire suit, instead of just part of it, like here. Maybe it’s fear of looking goofy. Or looking WAY overdressed. Regardless, because I own so few suits, it is definitely a look I could only do once in a great while.

I digress.


20161108_091249 1

20161108_090812 1

20161108_090829 1

20161108_090852(0) 1

20161108_090949_037 1

20161108_091322 1



I am wearing:
Armani Exchange sunglasses
Michael Kors suit jacket
Van Heusen shirt
JORD wood watch
Old Navy jeans
Chaps shoes from Belk

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