My Daily Wear: 12.14.16

It’s hump day, everyone! We are inching closer and closer to Christmas. Can you believe that it’s only ELEVEN days away now??

Here’s what I wore to work today. I had another Christmas party to attend, and I wanted to wear something a little not-so-subtle Christmassy this go ’round.

Today is also, sadly, the last semi-warm day. Tomorrow we hit the deep freeze, and I’ll be wearing TONS of layers to be able to take my pictures outside, not to mention some real speedy photo shoots. It is supposed to be well below freezing from here on out. No. Bueno.


20161214_092025 1

20161214_091737(0) 1

20161214_091800 1

20161214_091817 1

20161214_091826 1

20161214_091842(0) 1

20161214_091926 1

20161214_091935 1

20161214_092141 1

20161214_092253 1



What am I wearing?
– KW sunglasses from Nordstrom
– Madison velvet blazer from Belk
– Unknown brand metallic tie
– Saddlebred shirt from Belk
– JORD wood watch
– Old Navy jeans
– Dexter shoes from Payless

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