My Daily Wear: January 12, 2017

Happy almost Friday! Also, happy Project Runway Junior day! For those of you who may watch Project Runway and haven’t seen it, I would HIGHLY recommend watching PRJ. It’s every bit as good as the grown up one, and these kids are SUPER talented.

Anyway, here’s a look at what I wore to work today. I am happy to say that there is no more snow and ice around, so I can take my pictures in fear no longer. Lol

It was also quite warm today, like springtime, and breezy, so I went more casual, and added a blazer to dress things up just a touch.


20170112_091500 1

20170112_091048 1

20170112_091108(0) 1

20170112_091152 1

20170112_091200 1

20170112_091204 1

20170112_091209(0) 1

20170112_091511 1

20170112_091602 1



What am I wearing?
– Fossil sunglasses
– Edwin Nazario blazer
– Apt. 9 shirt from Kohls
– Michael Kors watch
– Old Navy jeans
– Converse sneakers

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