My Daily Wear: February 15, 2017

Happy Wednesday!! I hope you all had a very wonderful Valentine’s Day, whether you spent it with a loved one, friend, or even alone!

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. The temperature has started to tick back up to the warmer side, but who knows for how long. Even though I’m wearing three layers, they are all very lightweight, so I’m not dying when I’m inside working (for the most part, haha). I’m starting to get back into the pattern mixing swing of things as well, it would seem! 🙂


20170215_082226(0) 1

20170215_082105(0) 1

20170215_082144 1

20170215_082157 1

20170215_082202 1

20170215_082210 1

20170215_082213(0) 1

20170215_082220(0) 1

20170215_082316 1



What am I wearing?
– Fossil sunglasses
– Edwin Nazario blazer
– Michael Kors pullover
– J. Crew shirt
– Timex watch
– Old Navy jeans
– GH Bass suede shoes

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