My Daily Wear: March 16, 2017

Happy almost-Friday!!! I hope every one of you had a great week so far, and are ready for the weekend. 🙂

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. It was still quite cold today, but it was warm enough where I didn’t feel like I needed to wear fifty layers of clothing to keep warm. I also felt like “prepping” it up a little bit today.

I also had leadership essentials class today, which was the last class of the program. I have met some really amazing people during the six weeks of class, whom I have come to lovingly refer to as my “glam squad”. We’ve all grown over the past six weeks together, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know. I never would have had as much fun, and learned as much as I did without them. They are all sorts of fun and crazy, and I’m going to miss them all dearly.


20170316_082626 1

20170316_082301 1

20170316_082304 1

20170316_082328 1

20170316_082334(0) 1

20170316_082346(0) 1

20170316_082351(0) 1

20170316_082411 1

20170316_082416 1

20170316_082629 1



What am I wearing?
– Burberry sunglasses
– Lauren Ralph Lauren corduroy blazer
– Unknown brand tie
– Banana Republic shirt
– Michael Kors watch
– Levi’s jeans
– Marc Anthony loafers from Kohls

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