My Daily Wear: April 24, 2017

Happy Monday! Once again, the weekend is over, and it’s time to face reality. I hope you all had a great weekend!

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. As is customary when I post pictures from indoors, I must apologize for the blurriness of the pictures. Folks around here are breaking out their warm and wet weather gear today, and getting their boats, kayaks, and arks ready. It was been raining pretty much non-stop since yesterday evening. It’s just a bit damp out. The one upside to it is that I can squeeze a little bit more out of wearing blazers. I really wish I had a collection of blazers that I could wear in the spring and summer months.

Enjoy your day!

20170424_082808 1

20170424_082732 1

20170424_082735 1

20170424_082742 1

20170424_082811 1

20170424_082822 1

20170424_082833 1

20170424_082836 1

20170424_083116 1



What am I wearing?
– Burberry sunglasses and blazer
– Calvin Klein shirt
– Fossil watch
– Old Navy jeans
– Diesel sneakers

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