My Daily Wear: June 16, 2017

Hello, and happy FINALLY Friday to you all! I hope you all had a great week (at least better than mine!), and are ready for the weekend.

I’m also SUPER stoked that I’ve finally come across a phone that can take pretty decent jump pose shots in lower light. Looks like it will be no more Blurryface (those of you who know what I mean will get it, haha).

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. Knowing that it was going to be rainy today, and knowing that it was Friday, I wanted to wear something that just shouted out “CASUAL Friday”.

Nailed it.

Have a great weekend!

20170616_081905(0) 1

20170616_081728 1

20170616_081733(0) 1

20170616_081737(0) 1

20170616_081754(0) 1

20170616_081756 1

20170616_081824(1) 1

20170616_081840(2) 1

20170616_081850 1

20170616_081858 1

20170616_081902(0) 1

20170616_081957 1



My daily wear today is:
– Burberry sunglasses
– Apt. 9 polo from Kohls
– Timex watch
– J. Crew trousers
– Sperry Topsider loafers

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