My Daily Wear: July 6, 2017

Having had time off during the middle of the week, I would have expected it to break things up a bit, and make the week seem much shorter. I tell you, nothing could be further than the truth. Once again, it seems that it is taking FOREVER for Friday to get here!

Here is my look for work today. Today’s look is part 2 of my unofficial 3-part “series” of quasi-patriotic looks. I’m still completely mystified how the simpler looks end up looking the best.

Enjoy your day!

20170706_082354(0) 1

20170706_082220(0) 1

20170706_082234 1

20170706_082250(1) 1

20170706_082258 1

20170706_082309(1) 1

20170706_082321(1) 1

20170706_082332(0) 1

20170706_082338 1

20170706_082348 1

20170706_082349 1

20170706_082351(0) 1

20170706_082430 1



My daily wear today consists of:
– KW brand sunglasses from Nordstrom
– Calvin Klein Jeans shirt
– JORD watch
– Old Navy jeans
– Chaps shoes from Belk

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