My Daily Wear: August 21, 2017

Hello everybody! Happy Monday to ya! Have a nice weekend? To my American friends, did you check out the eclipse? I’m envious of those who were fortunate enough to see the total eclipse. Here in Charlottesville, it wasn’t a full one. I did manage to get an interesting picture of it with my phone, and posted it on my Instagram. Something about my phone created a glare from the sun which showed the eclipse PERFECTLY just below the sun. It also makes it kind of look like we have both the sun AND the moon in the sky at the same time. 🙂

Anyway, here’s a look at what I wore to work today. I had a late start this morning, so I went with something completely casual. Okay, so just about ALL of my outfits are completely casual. I wanted something effortless. OKAY, just about all of my outfits are effortless. I yield.

Enjoy your day!

20170821_082308(0) 1

20170821_082113(0) 1

20170821_082118(0) 1

20170821_082135(1) 1

20170821_082132 1

20170821_082201(1) 1

20170821_082207(0) 1

20170821_082227 1

20170821_082235(0) 1

20170821_082248 1

20170821_082329 1



My daily wear today consists of:
– Burberry sunglasses
– VESE shirt
– Relic watch
– Old Navy jeans
– Adidas sneakers

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