My Daily Wear: September 6, 2017

Happy Wednesday! In what seems like a VERY long time, it actually feels like this 4-day work week isn’t going to drag on for 6 days. I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced that before.

And yes, I do realize that I’ve just jinxed the whole thing now…

ANYWAY, here’s what I wore to work today. Being that the weather was pretty yucky today, I wanted something super simple, and super casual. Well, one might be able to tell that if everything wasssssnnnn’t sooooooo blurrrrrrrrrrrrryyyy.

The search continues for tips/tricks/locations where I can get decent pics indoors where even the slightest movement doesn’t make it look like some bad 60s/70s horror flick.

Enjoy your day!

20170906_082621 1

20170906_082817 1

20170906_082801 1

20170906_082747 1

20170906_082731 1

20170906_082711 1

20170906_082702 1

20170906_082643 1

20170906_082432 1



My blurry daily wear today consists of:
– Burberry sunglasses
– Michael Kors pullover
– Arizona Jean Co. t-shirt
– Fossil watch
– Old Navy jeans
– Levi’s sneakers

One thought on “My Daily Wear: September 6, 2017

  1. Terry I laughed out loud with the bad 60/70s horror flick ;)! Too funny! I feel ya! It’s so hard to find good lighting indoors when the weather isn’t cooperating with us. On the bright side, I’m totally loving this casual Summer-to-Fall transition look!


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