My Daily Wear: November 9, 2017

Happy Friday-eve!! Only one day to go until the weekend! It’s also Project Runway night for us fans. I’m both happy and sad about that, because tonight’s episode is part one of the finale. That means there’s only one episode left of the season. Sad face.

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. I was quite fortunate enough this morning to be able to take my pictures outside before it started raining more and being nasty out. It was only lightly misty when I took these. The only reason I like this part of the year is because I enjoy layering. One can’t really do much layering in the sweltering heat of summer, so this is when I get to do some of my best outfits.

Enjoy your day!!

20171109_083104(0) 1

20171109_082839(0) 1

20171109_082855(0) 1

20171109_082918 1

20171109_082928(0) 1

20171109_082939(2) 1

20171109_083010(0) 1

20171109_083022 1

20171109_083033 1

20171109_083036(1) 1

20171109_083046(0) 1

20171109_083118 1



My daily wear today consists of:
– Fossil sunglasses and watch
– Banana Republic shirt and sweater
– Old Navy jeans
– Chaps brand shoes from Belk

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