My Daily Wear: November 28, 2017

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you all are having a great week, and getting settled back into the groove of being back at work. Sometimes, I think it would be better for people, when returning to work from a long time away, to ease back into the swing of things, to get used to it again. You know, come in to work for 4 hours the first day, and 6 the next, and so on. That sounds totally reasonable, right??

Anyway, here’s a look at what I wore to work today. The biggest thing I like about these jeans is that they don’t really look like jeans, so I end up looking dressier than I actually am. Don’t worry, my secret is safe with me… 😉

Enjoy your day!

20171128_083053(2) 1

20171128_082657(2) 1

20171128_082706 1

20171128_082715(0) 1

20171128_082727(0) 1

20171128_082730(2) 1

20171128_082846(0) 1

20171128_082856(0) 1

20171128_082919(0) 1

20171128_082929 1

20171128_082935(0) 1

20171128_082943(1) 1

20171128_082952(1) 1

20171128_083006(1) 1

20171128_083020(0) 1

20171128_083027 1

20171128_083126 1



My daily wear today consists of:
– Fossil sunglasses
– Harris Tweed blazer
– Brooks Basics tie
– Van Heusen shirt
– Relic watch
– Perruzo jeans
– Calvin Klein loafers

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