My Daily Wear: January 3, 2018

Hey everyone!! Happy Wednesday to you! The first work week of the year is half over. More importantly (for me!), the new season of Project Runway All Stars premieres TOMORROW! You know how I am when it comes to all things Project Runway. If you are on Twitter, be sure to follow me as I live-tweet each week (spoiler-free). I’m also hoping to do my “After the Runway” recap blog posts each week as well on my other blog, Terry’s Two Cents, so make sure you follow along!

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. It was a balmy TWELVE degrees this morning when I took these. Make no mistake, it was COLD outside, even though it may not look like it is. I’m wearing three layers and STILL freezing. Blogger problems, am I right? 😉

Enjoy your day!

20180103_083459(1) 1

20180103_083230(1) 1

20180103_083232(1) 1

20180103_083243(2) 1

20180103_083251 1

20180103_083303(2) 1

20180103_083315(5) 1

20180103_083323(0) 1

20180103_083333(4) 1

20180103_083402 1

20180103_083414(0) 1

20180103_083420(2) 1

20180103_083421(3) 1

20180103_083422(5) 1

20180103_083427 1

20180103_083434(1) 1

20180103_083439 1

20180103_083517 1



My daily wear today consists of:
– Burberry sunglasses
– Harris Tweed blazer
– Eddie Bauer sweater
– Nick Graham shirt from Marshalls
– Fossil watch
– Old Navy jeans
– Nike sneakers

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