My Daily Wear: January 11, 2018

Well, we have finally made it to Thursday! Time for some Project Runway All Stars tonight! Hopefully you are watching and tweeting along with me! πŸ™‚

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. I have felt like being rather dressy this week. It’s likely that it has a lot to do with the fact that it has been MUCH warmer this week than last. It was just too cold to put a whole lot of thought and effort into something to wear, when all you want to do is simply stay warm. With the milder temps, I was able to be more flexible without having to put on twenty-five layers.

Fair warning, this post ended up being rather picture-heavy. My fellow bloggers can probably relate to it, when things all seem to jive together, and you end up with lots of great pictures. A few of them even had me wondering how I was even able to pose like that!

Enjoy your day!!

20180111_084141(5) 1

20180111_083910(0) 1

20180111_083912(1) 1

20180111_083913(2) 1

20180111_083915(1) 1

20180111_083926(1) 1

20180111_083932(0) 1

20180111_083945(1) 1

20180111_084008(1) 1

20180111_084009(0) 1

20180111_084018(0) 1

20180111_084025(0) 1

20180111_084058(0) 1

20180111_084100 1

20180111_084102(1) 1

20180111_084104(1) 1

20180111_084109(0) 1

20180111_084113 1

20180111_084119(0) 1

20180111_084126 1

20180111_084133(0) 1

20180111_084133(1) 1

20180111_084134(0) 1

20180111_084210 1



My daily wear today consists of:
– Burberry sunglasses
– Harris Tweed blazer
– Christian Dior tie
– Van Heusen shirt
– Michael Kors watch
– Perruzo jeans
– American Eagle Outfitters sneakers

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