My Daily Wear: February 28, 2018

Wow, the last day of February.


Yep, I am back! It’s felt like Monday ALL over again, but then I look at the calendar, and see that it’s actually Wednesday, so then I smile a little bit.

I am SO glad that I had taken the day off yesterday. First off, I’ve always been a believer that nobody should work on their birthday. Secondly, work has been so incredibly stressful and chaotic that I NEEDED the day to step back from it. Oh, it’s STILL stressful and chaotic, but feels slightly less so.


Anyway, here’s a look at what I wore to work today. I wanted to wear black today to mourn the fact that I had to come back to work. But I also had to wear SOME kind of color, so why not a pink shirt?

Have a great day!

20180228_083203(1) 1

20180228_082905(2) 1

20180228_082926(0) 1

20180228_082932(1) 1

20180228_082938(1) 1

20180228_083002(1) 1

20180228_083017 1

20180228_083022 1

20180228_083026 1

20180228_083030 1

20180228_083039 1

20180228_083046(1) 1

20180228_083052(0) 1

20180228_083108(0) 1

20180228_083116(1) 1

20180228_083123. 1jpg

20180228_083124(2) 1

20180228_083134(1) 1

20180228_083140(4) 1

20180228_083142 1

20180228_083145(0) 1

20180228_083252 1



What am I wearing today?
– Burberry sunglasses
– IZOD shirt
– Michael Kors watch
– Perruzo jeans
– Adidas sneakers

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