The Style of Terry: April 9, 2018

Well hey there, everyone! Yes, I am back. The week-long staycation was EXACTLY what I needed. I feel much more relaxed, and refreshed. I actually thought I was going to dread coming back to work today, but surprisingly, I wasn’t. Weird.

You also may or may not notice something a little different with my blog. After about a million or so blogging years (it’s like dog years), I finally bit the bullet and got my own domain. It was such a huge and scary step for me. Soooooo, you can now find me at:

Anyway, here’s a look at what I wore to work today. Based on the weather yesterday, I had picked out today’s outfit to welcome springtime with ALL of the colors. Blues, browns, oranges, all of it. However, what did I see when I stepped out of the house? Snow.




Have a great day!



20180409_082609 (2)

20180409_082613 (2)

20180409_082622 (2)

20180409_082635 (2)

20180409_082645 (2)

20180409_082648 (2)


20180409_082709 (2)


20180409_082731 (2)

20180409_082739 (2)


20180409_082747 (2)

20180409_082823 (2)

20180409_082924 (2)

20180409_082930 (2)

What am I wearing?
– Calvin Klein sunglasses
– Apt. 9 cashmere sweater from Kohls
– J. Crew shirt
– Coach watch
– Perruzo jeans
– Bonafini chukka boots

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