The Style of Terry: April 23, 2018

Hello everyone! Yep, it’s Monday once again.


Today also marks the first day of my work hours change. I now come in an hour earlier, which is HARD waking up an hour earlier. The bright side is that I get to leave an hour earlier. Hopefully I will get accustomed to it!

Anyway, here’s a look at what I wore to work today. For some reason, trying to put together today’s look last night was really throwing me for a loop. I couldn’t decide between wearing light pants and a dark jacket, or dark pants and a light jacket. Obviously, the light jacket/dark pants option won out, but I think either option would have looked pretty good!

Have a great day!

20180423_072319 (2)


20180423_072011 (2)



20180423_072043 (2)

20180423_072046 (2)


20180423_072103 (2)

20180423_072113 (2)

20180423_072135 (2)



20180423_072212 (2)


20180423_072223 (2)

20180423_072233 (2)

20180423_072239 (2)

20180423_072243 (2)

20180423_072253 (2)

20180423_072258 (2)

20180423_072335 (2)



What am I wearing today?

  • Calvin Klein sunglasses and loafers

  • Brooks Brothers jacket

  • Merona polo from Target

  • Timex watch

  • Perruzo jeans

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