After the Runway – Season 17, Episode 2: The Future is Here


Hey everyone! It’s time for another episode recap! I hope you are all caught up and ready to jump right in.

If you’re new here, here’s how it works: each week, I will share my thoughts about how I felt about the top and bottom 3 looks for each week.

FYI, I will be on vacation the first week of April, so I will not be posting a recap of this week’s episode (March 28). I will likely post a recap of the April 4 episode the following week when I return.

With that out of the way, let’s get to it, shall we?

This week’s challenge: the designers were split up into five teams of three people. They had to each design a look as part of a mini-collection that showcased pieces from the body modification fashion line, A. Human. The accessories consisted of back scaffolding (creepy!), shoulder horns (creepy!!), a light necklace, neck ruffles, and chest feathers (REALLY creepy!).

Because this was a team challenge, we are going to focus on each look from the top team, as well as the bottom team. Let’s have a look at the team on the bottom for this week.

Team Chest Feathers



My thoughts: Of the 3 bottom looks, this was the best one. And by ‘best one’, I mean the lesser of the three evils. Renee was in no danger of being sent home this week. This team clearly did NOT jibe well together.



My thoughts: This dress really wasn’t anything special. Very basic, and I didn’t quiet understand the neck thing in the front that also partially blocks the chest feathers. Kovid clearly seemed very lost in the challenge.

Frankie – Eliminated


My thoughts: Poor Frankie. I had such high hopes for her from the beginning. Time was not her friend, this week or last week. Her mismangement of time was her downfall. The second skirt ended up looking much better than the first one. The collar and neck design was much better than Kovid’s, but as the judges stated, her model seems trapped and bound with her top. With the feathers signifying freedom, the look seems to be the opposite.

Here are the top looks for this week.

Team Neck Ruffles



My thoughts: This whole team deserved to be on top. I loved everything about Afa’s look, though I’m not fawning over the top like the judges did. The pants and waist cape were amazing.



My thoughts: If Sebastian hadn’t been on the team, I would have crowned Tessa the winner this week. She stepped up as the leader of the team, and they all worked together very well. The skirt was gorgeous, and I also agreed with Nina in that the sweater top looked MUCH better with the sleeves scrunched up instead of pulled down.

Sebastian – Winner


My thoughts: The clear winner this week. Sebastian make a good choice in starting again. This dress is absolutely PERFECT. It’s both elegant and futuristic at the same time, and does a fantastic job complimenting the neck ruffles. A well-deserved win.

So, what did you all think about this week’s challenge? Did you agree or disagree? Let us know!

3 thoughts on “After the Runway – Season 17, Episode 2: The Future is Here

  1. As far as the feathers go period, I think that was the worse modification to get. All of the modifications stood out but the feathers just blended into their chests. They would have been hard to see no matter what the models wore. All of the other ones stood out and off the model and the necklace lit up so that made it noticeable.

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