After the Runway – Season 17, Episode 6: Power Play


Hey everyone! Time for another recap! Hopefully you all are caught up. Spoilers ahead!

If you aren’t familiar with it, here’s what happens: each week, I recap the previous week’s episode, and offer up my thoughts on the top and bottom 3 looks each week.

I am also happy to be joined by fashion blogger Lu of Lucindervention. She serves up great opinions on each look each week. Be sure to check her out!

Let’s get to it, shall we?

For this week, the designers were given 2 days to create a female video game character look. I was initially quite excited about this challenge, because I’m a gamer. However, I was not overly impressed with any of the looks this week, as I felt that the designers were mistaking video game character for super hero characters.

Anyway, let’s have a look at the bottom 3 looks.



My thoughts: This was a very basic tailored suit. It was nicely done, but certainly nothing video game character-worthy.
Lu’s thoughts: I loved that Jamall took a James Bond approach to the challenge; it was unlike any other superhero look; however the look required a shirt, or at least a bra. Do not get me started on the collar. To be honest, I think Jamall should have been eliminated weeks ago; I was shocked that he did not go home this week.



My thoughts: Another relatively safe look, but nothing video game character-worthy. It’s clear to see that the look was religously inspired. Safe.
Lu’s thoughts: Venny’s look was the ecclesiastical super hero. I like that is was a different take on a super power, but it was just so literal. It usually takes me a few weeks to get especially critical on a designer and last week, he killed it. I will forgive Venny this week.

Rakan – eliminated


My thoughts: Alas, it was time for Rakan to go home. He seemed to struggle every week with finishing each challenge on time. I got the armor inspiration, but as the judges said, it did look like the model was choking on it.
Lu’s thoughts: The fabric in Rakan’s look was his downfall. The lycra and whatever fabric was used on top, was cringeworthy. That is all I have to say.

Here are the top looks this week.



My thoughts: This look was quite nicely done, but for a video game character, the dominatrix type has been well overdone. This also was borderline costume to me.
Lu’s thoughts: I am so happy that Garo landed in the top three this week. He shines in terms of designing corsets and this challenge was the perfect opportunity to break out his strong suit. (Remember last week’s corset tweed goodness?) If that is his strong suit in terms of designing, then design it.



My thoughts: This look was probably the one I liked most of the top 3 looks. It had a bit of a worker vibe to it, but I could see it in a video game, though not as a lead character type.
Lu’s thoughts: Ever since she won the first challenge, I have found Tessa to be full of herself and for that I have a difficult time looking at her looks without being extra critical. On top of that? She seems especially critical of other designers. The look she designed is fine. Very 1990s minimalism. I liked that it was functional The bottom line: if you are going to be harsh on others, your product needs to be above and beyond. Which Tessa’s wasn’t.

Hester – winner


My thoughts: This was a really cute look. I did appreciate the bright colors against the black. It was a rather futuristic look, but was a bit too minimalist for my tastes. Seeing that Hester is so flamboyant with her style and her designs, this didn’t seem like she was the creator of it.
Lu’s thoughts: I have to preface this by saying that Hester is the most down to earth contestant. While Tessa is critiquing Hester in interview, Hester is giving Jamal a hug and talking him through a crisis when he loses his marks on the fabric. I have been saying this for weeks, but Hester has been serving up club kid lewks since day won. Yes, I said won, not one. Revolve needs to hire her for a capsule collection for next years’ festival season stat. Coachella, Bonnaroo, Burning Man, Governer’s Ball: I believe she can design ‘grammable lewks for each aesthetic. Can you just imaging this week’s look at Coachella? Love that criss cross backpack, sister!

So, what did you all think about the looks this week?

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