After the Runway – Season 7, Episode 7: Elegance is the New Black

Hey everyone! It’s time for another recap post! I hope you are all caught up on this past episode. Spoilers ahead!


Each week I post a recap of each episode and my opinion of each of the top and bottom 3 looks.

I am also joined by fellow style blogger Lu of Lucindervention. Be sure to check out her blog and follow along at

Let’s get into it, shall we?

This week’s challenge: the designers were given two days and $450 dollars to create a luxurious design that embraces elegance and is isnpired by each Brandon Maxwell button bag they chose.

Let’s have a look at the bottom looks for this week.


My thoughts: I can certainly appreciate that Hester took advantage of her immunity and tried to push the envelope. In my eyes, it was certainly good she had immunity, otherwise I think she might have been sent home. The mermaid vibes this look gave me was okay, but the sheer top with the pasties over the model’s chest was just plain tacky. NOT elegant at all.
Lu’s thoughts: Has anyone else on Project Runway made pasties fashion before? I appreciate that Hester took a risk. Nina said that it was a good thing that she has immunity but as Hester explicitly stated, she was going risky because she won the previous week’s challenge. This is the time to color outside the lines.


My thoughts: Bishme suffered from editing. Too many ideas went into his design. I did love the print he chose to complement his button bag. Definitely not a design to send him home.
Lu’s thoughts: When the judges were critiquing Bishme’s look, I couldn’t tell whether it was because he was in the top three or bottom three. I think he would be safe in any other challenge; however this was a challenge when pairing down was paramount and he did not design his look as such.

Sonia – Eliminated

My thoughts: I can understand the judges sending Sonia home, only because they couldn’t send Hester home. Her dress was extremely well tailored, but was simply too safe. It would have been interesting to see her develop during the season, though.
Lu’s thoughts: I thought Sonia would be in the top three, if anything. I did not like the way that the dress was styled or the cape, but the cut of the dress was most definitely better than some of the looks in the middle three.

And now, the top looks for this week.


My thoughts: This was a tie in my opinion for the winning look this week. I absolutely love the minimal design. I also loved the small touch of the organza, even though the judges didn’t.
Lu’s thoughts: I loved Lela’s look. Specifically, I appreciated how she brought the look back to her Button Bag via the exaggerated sculptural silhouette. The judges were critical of the white organza sleeve but I think it was an appropriate allusion to classical art.


My thoughts: Even though the dress was a little on the ordinary side, it was the color that really elevated it. I wasn’t really a fan of how the straps attached in the back, though.
Lu’s thoughts: While it just looked like a minimalistic body con dress to me, the zipper on Venny’s look broke and he still made it work. The judges mentioned a pink and red color combination which did not pick up on my television at least. The look was just very meh to me.

Jamall – Winner

My thoughts: This was my other choice for the winning look this week. I am OBSESSED with plaids, and loved how this looked. However, I am slightly leaning more towards Lela’s look because this is just slightly less elegant.
Lu’s thoughts: This look is hopefully the first in Jamall’s redemption tour. I loved the fabric, plaid print, and the draping of the dress. His Button Bag has a perfume bottle in it which links to his look via the etching of the glass to the pattern on the dress.

What did you all think about the designs this week?

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