After the Runway – Season 17, Episode 8: Blame it on Rio

Hey everyone! It’s time for another recap post! I hope you are all caught up on this past episode. Spoilers ahead!


Each week I post a recap of each episode and my opinion of each of the top and bottom 3 looks.

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Let’s get into it, shall we?

For this week’s challenge, the designers were placed into teams of three to create a small capsule collection for actress Morena Baccarin who was on her way to vacation in Rio de Janeiro. Each team was to create a beachwear, a daywear, and an evening wear look.

Personally, I am completely baffled why the judges chose the winning team, as I would have made them safe, and chosen the safe team as the winning ones.

With that said, let’s have a look at the winning team’s designs.


My thoughts: Garo’s look to me was just, meh. The color was lovely, and I rather liked the wide-legged pant. The corset was okay. Meh.
Lu’s thoughts: I was not wild about the color or the sheer amount of the particular color in Garo’s look. I cannot picture finding the style appealing in another colorway though. The one thing that I got on board with was that he incorporated his signature, the corset.


My thoughts: This look was my favorite of the winning team. The top was nicely designed, and the high-waisted pants were done very well, but overall, still nothing spectacular.
Lu’s thoughts: I am shocked that despite a near identical palette across the board, we only saw one pair of white pants. They are such a resort staple and Bishme freaking delivered it. I was even more impressed with the shirt as the cut was so complex but it fit the model perfectly. Bishme produced my favorite look of the week.

Hester – winner

My thoughts: I am STILL completely confused how the judges made this the winning look. The colors were great, and the lace-up sides were interesting, but the back of the bathing suit was horribly ill-fitted in the bottom. Nope, I truly don’t get it.
Lu’s thoughts: The suit was a bit cheeky on the model and I was surprised that the judges did not call her out on it. When Hester was talking about making the suit reversible, I was initially puzzled because the model obviously would not have made the transition on the catwalk. Hester gambled that the suit would be in the top three or bottom three and therefore would get a close up examination by the judges. The gamble paid off this week.

And now, let’s look at the bottom looks.


My thoughts: It was SO fortunate that Jamall had immunity this week. This was quite awful. The judges had perfectly described it as a poor ice skater costume. And, TENNIS SHOES? Oy.
Lu’s thoughts: I love the top half of Jamall’s look. The asymmetrical one shoulder with the yellow and mesh inset reminded me of a very chic wetsuit. OP (or Body Glove so says the guest judge), but make it fashion. The bottom half of the look was a wreck. I was hoping for the second stop on his comeback tour, alas not this week.


My thoughts: Very nice dress, but completely safe. Venny was certainly in no danger of being eliminated.
Lu’s thoughts: The hem of Venny’s dress looked like the trim on a set of 80s era bedroom curtains. The dress fits the model so it is not the worst, but it is just the second dress in two weeks that made me go meh.

Renee – eliminated

My thoughts: I didn’t mind the print of the top at all, but the pants were really strange looking. They look rather baggy and fitted at the same time, and it confuses me. It’s unfortunate that Renee had to be elminiated because the worst look had immunity.
Lu’s thoughts: Renee’s pants look like something I would find in a tragic Casual-Corner-Dress-Barn-Chicos discount rack. Could the blouse worked with a different bottom or in a different fabric? Sidebar: I am sincerely sad to see Renee go. She (along with Sonia who we said goodbye to last week) was one of my sleeper picks to win.

There you have it. What do you all think about the designs this week?

One thought on “After the Runway – Season 17, Episode 8: Blame it on Rio

  1. At first I thought, oh no those white trousers are strange in the crochet. But seeing all the others this is my favorite. Not because I think the outfit is fabulous, but the others are boring or strange.

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