After the Runway – Season 17, Episode 9: The Stitch is Back


Ready for another recap? Spoilers await!

Each week, I take a look at the top and bottom looks and give my ‘two cents’ on what I think about them.


This week’s challenge: to create an over-the-top performance look inspired by the upcoming Elton John movie, Rocket Man. This was also a menswear challenge, which is something I wish the show would do MUCH more often. I’d even love to see them do an entire season with menswear designers.

Let’s have a look at the top looks first.


My thoughts: This was not something I had placed as being a top look. Nothing about this look really channeled Elton John to me. It looks too costumey, and considering the inspiration is Sir Elton, is saying something.


My thoughts: This was my pick for the winner this week. This channeled Elton rather perfectly. It was extravagant, but also casual and perfect for something to be worn during a performance. I also loved the print t-shirt that he created.

Garo – Winner

My thoughts: Not my pick for the winner. I felt this look went WAY over the top. It didn’t give me vibes of Elton John, but rather vibes of KISS.

And, the bottom looks. I also wanted to mention that Hester was INCREDIBLY lucky to have had immunity this week. I felt that the look was bad enough for them to send her home in spite of the immunity.


My thoughts: Oh, this felt like a wreck. Nothing seems to be fitting on the model well, and while the trains on each pant leg seemed like a good idea, it didn’t translate well on the runway.


My thoughts: While I like Tessa, I felt like this look was going to send her home this week. The color choices ended up making this look like some 70s wallpaper. Had the colors been different, it might not have been quite so bad.

Lela – Eliminated

My thoughts: I was surprised to see Lela go home. Her look was pretty bad, but I didn’t feel like it was the worst of the bottom. The chaps weren’t the best idea, and the top was just, meh.

So, what did you all think about the looks this week?

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