After the Runway – Season 17, Episode 10: What Do You Care About?


Ready for another recap? Spoilers await!

Each week, I take a look at the top and bottom looks and give my ‘two cents’ on what I think about them.


This week’s challenge: the designers are given two days to create a look based upon a cause they each care deeply about.

Let’s have a look at the bottom looks this week.


My thoughts: This look was surprisingly uncharacterstic of Garo. I actually applauded him for not creating yet another corset. While the dress was relatively safe, I did love the color he chose, as well as black stitching on the front of it. The shoulder straps did remind of me the antennae of the bee, but still looked a little strange to me.

Venny – Eliminated

My thoughts: Venny seemed to have been struggling week after week, and I’m not surprised to see him sent home. His initial design was pretty interesting, but just didn’t pan out over the course of the challenge. He ran out of time when trying to create the hood for his jacket, and the zipper on the jacket becoming stuck certainly didn’t help matters.

Here are the top looks for this week.


My thoughts: This look was my pick for the winning look this week. Sebastian has such an elegant touch to his designs, which I love. I also love how he was able to create all of the different shades of brown on his dress with the same piece of fabric, by simply layering pieces to adjust to shade.


My thoughts: I would have picked this look to be safe. It’s a very pretty dress, but I’m not sure whether I like to puffer aspect of it or not. To me, it makes it look less elegant.

Bishme – Winner

My thoughts: This dress was pretty goreous, and I LOVE the color of it. Using the sequins to create the silhouettes of the faces was quite brilliant. The ruffling of the top of the dress just slightly cheapens the look to me.

What did you all think about the looks this week?

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