After the Runway – Season 17, Episode 11: ‘New York City of Dreams’


Ready for another recap? Spoilers await!

Each week, I take a look at the top and bottom looks and give my ‘two cents’ on what I think about them.

This week, I am pleased to be joined by fellow Project Runway fan and blogger Lu of Lucindervention.


This week’s challenge: to create a dress for the real working women of New York City. Each was to work with their client to create their dream dress.

How did they turn out? I first have to express my EXTREME disappointment in Bishme’s creation only being considered ‘safe’ this week. I was completely torn between his and the winning look for this week.

Let’s see the bottom looks for this week.


My thoughts: I felt like this look was quite safe. Nothing special. Hester was smart to cater to what the client wanted, even if it wasn’t something she was comfortable with. Very pretty, but certainly not in any danger of being sent home.
Lu’s thoughts: I thought it was interesting about what Hester Sunshine said about splitting what was true to her as the designer and what the client requested. As a result, neither of them, nor I (lol, crucial), nor the judges, were particularly thrilled with the outfit, despite the client feedback.


My thoughts: I was certain that Tessa was going home this week, despite not being the worst look. Not only did she not listen to her client about wanting color (yes, she DID say she wanted pink), but was initially ignoring the challenge of making a dream DRESS, and started to make a look with PANTS. Listening to a client’s needs and mixing in your creativity is rather essential to being a great designer. Otherwise, you’re limiting your clientele to those who share the same creativity as you. Regardless, the chiffon strands of color was quite odd, and removing the ones with color made it even more odd.
Lu’s thoughts: At least Tessa did not complain about the client body type this time? Did she take any of her client’s design input? If she were producing a custom look for a fee, I cannot see the client going through with the purchase of the dress.

Jamall – eliminated

My thoughts: This started out amazing on paper, but definitely became lost in the translation. The top of the dress wasn’t fitting the client well, the bag puckered around the zipper, and the client was having trouble walking down the runway in it. She was clearly not enjoying it, and the looks on the judges’ faces conveyed the same.
Lu’s thoughts: Jamall’s model looked so uncomfortable on the runway, it was clear that this was the end of his comeback tour. Did anyone else notice that the judges did not express any positive accolades when she was walking the runway? I am so excited to see what is in his future.

And now, the top looks for this week.


My thoughts: I will say that Garo’s dress certainly delivered on the client’s wish for something “va va voom”. The color is gorgeous, and fits her very well, but for Garo, it looks to be just a bit on the safe side.
Lu’s thoughts: I did not love Garo Sparo’s dress as much as the others in the top three. It looked like it bunched in the front, which as someone who is thicker in the midsection, I am always so paranoid of happening.

Sebastian – winner

My thoughts: I must say, bravo to Sebastian. This dress started out looking VERY retro, almost to the point of antique. Christian certainly turned him around and got him to put his own signature on the look, to give it the modern retro look it was meant to be.
Lu’s thoughts: Sebastian’s dress was everything. That ribbed detail that wraps around the back was my favorite part. The dress looked like it could have been part of Betty Draper’s wardrobe on Mad Men, it was so flawlessly vintage housewife which is a look that I applaud.

So, what did you all think about the looks this week?

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