After the Runway – Season 17, Episode 12: ‘The Art of Fashion’


Ready for another recap? Spoilers await!

Each week, I take a look at the top and bottom looks and give my ‘two cents’ on what I think about them.

Ready to get into it?

The challenge this week: the final five designers were to create a signature design in their own experiential fashion show, complete with an interactive space they also had to create to express who they are as a designer.

Since there are only five folks left, let’s look at each one of them.


My thoughts: I simply thought this look was okay. It wasn’t really anything special in my eyes, even though there’s no mistaken that Hester created it. While there may be a niche market for her whimsical quirky vision, I’m not much of a fan. This looked quite cheaply made to me.


My thoughts: I really liked this look, however, I didn’t quite like that it was ENTIRELY rose gold. For me, that cheapened the look a bit. I would have liked to have seen the back piece and the skirt part kept in rose gold, and maybe make the midsection entirely in black.


My thoughts: I was so nervous for Sebastian in the beginning, and thought he really was going to quit. I’m glad he didn’t. I really love how elegant this dress looks. I also agreed with the judges in how impressed and amazed they were that Sebastian could take such a heavy fabric and make it look so light and airy.

Tessa – Eliminated

My thoughts: I applaud Tessa for actually trying to use color and step out of her comfort zone for this challenge. However, it just didn’t seem to be enough. The model looks like a character out of the Star Wars universe holding some kind of cloths for sale from their shop in the bazaar.

Garo – winner

My thoughts: There is certainly NO mistaking Garo’s signature. He was right at home from start to finish. I did rather like how simple, elegant, and futuristic the dress was, and the part that flips up or down was neat.

What did you all think?

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