My Daily Wear: July 14, 2017

Hooray, it’s Friday!! The week is just about over, and it’s time for the weekend. You know, that thing that happens between work days that NEVER seems to last long enough?

Anyway, here is what I wore to work today. I really wish I had a bigger collection of hats to wear, because I LOVE to wear hats. I don’t actually wear them while I’m at work, though. That would be my 4 1/2 years of military service that ingrained into me never to wear a hat indoors. I do have my moments of rebellion, though. Like how I’m wearing my hat right now in Starbucks as I’m typing this. 😉

While yesterday’s look was all about the blue, today’s is all about the black. The hat adds that little bit of sass to what would be a more conservative and preppy look.

Enjoy your weekend!

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My Daily Wear: May 17, 2017

Hello, and a very happy and HOT Wednesday to you all!! I don’t know about where you are, but it is feeling like summer BIG TIME here for the remainder of the week!

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. Knowing that it was going to be HOT today, I really wanted to wear shorts, but I chickened out at the last minute. Thankfully, these pants are lightweight, so I’m not dying in them. Same goes for the linen shirt. I really (REALLY) wish linen pieces weren’t so expensive, as I would LOVE to have an entire wardrobe of linen for the hot months.

Enjoy your day!

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My Daily Wear: 11.9.16

Hello, and happy Wednesday to one and all! I hope you all are having a great day today!

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Project Runway night, and I hope you’ll watch along with me. I’ll hopefully have my recap blog post up today, just in time for you all to get caught up who might have missed last week’s episode.

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. The weather has been messing with me today. The forecasts called for a rainy day, so I dressed accordingly, only for it to be warmer outside this morning than it was supposed to be. Today was the first day EVER where I had to change my outfit from what I took pictures of. By the time I got to work, the sweater HAD to come off. I was sweating!

The shoes are also a new and recent score. Shoes are quite often hard for me to shop for, having such inhumanly small feet. These were on clearance for $25, and I totally snagged them.


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My Daily Wear: 8.29.16

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and ready to take on the week. Or crawl back into bed. 😉

Man, can you believe that August is nearly over? What?!?? Crazy!

Anyway, here’s a look at what I wore to work today. I chose this look today in hopes of helping to usher in the autumn season and temperatures.

Didn’t work.


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My Daily Wear: 6.24.16

Hey everyone! It’s Friday! Time for the weekend! I’m ready, are you?

Here’s a look at what I’m wearing today. I am pleased to report that the weather cooperated today, and I was able to go outside and take my pictures today.

I also decided to go super casual today. These loafers are still some of my favorite pairs of shoes to wear. They’re so unique. I’m going to be quite unhappy when I wear them out. Thankfully it hasn’t happened yet, and I’ve had them for a few years now! 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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My Daily Wear: 6.13.16

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!

Here’s what I wore to work today. Because it was H-O-T over the weekend, I wanted to wear shorts today, in anticipation of another hot day today (and taking advantage of the fact that my boss is out of work this week, hehe). As it turned out, today was nowhere near as hot as it was over the weekend. It was actually quite perfect outside.


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My Daily Wear: 6.10.16

Happy Friday everybody! I hope you all had a great week, and are ready to kick back and relax over the weekend! I definitely will be!

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. These purple Nike sneakers are one of my favorite pairs of shoes that I own, and I wanted my look today to be centered around them.

Hey, us fellas can have looks that are centered around a great pair of shoes, right? 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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My Daily Wear: 6.1.16

Can you believe that it’s June ALREADY?? The year is already half over. Crazy.

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. It was another hot day today. Even though it looks like it from the pictures, the shirt does have some stripe details on it, but is a bit washed out from the sunlight, making it look like a basic tee.

Have a great day!

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